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The Base of FUN is Feasible, Understandable, and Nourishing. Our name derives from the ability to make healthy eating part of a normal and everyday life. The community needs a FUN Kitchen because our health relies on what we eat. The more access to healthy food that we have, the more fun it becomes, the less popular health problems are, and the stronger our communities become. No matter who, no matter where, everyone deserves feasible, understandable, and nourishing food.

Corny dad jokes, dropping some knowledge & playing too much. That's what you can expect from Rai Lewis. Big kid adulting, Rai is an admirer of all artsy things, exploring new cities, and hanging out with the coolest puppy around, Bru. Rai has a passion for displaying the creativity and satisfaction of vegetable cuisine. Best Part? "wowing" people who aren't vegan. Rai believes in healthy living in mind, body, and heart and has fun spreading joy one vegan plate at a time.

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