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Good Health Youth Program

Where passion meets nutrition for a vibrant future.

Service Description

Good Health is a youth program that increases access to a healthy lifestyle by using food as a vessel to effect social change. We perform cooking demonstrations of plant based meals inside schools and community settings to help youth establish the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by embracing life skills and food preparation techniques to eat healthy, live healthy, and have fun while doing it! Good Health engages the community with fresh fruits and vegetables to promote an environment where youth can gain fundamental health knowledge and skills, establish healthy behaviors, and connect to health services to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and other food related diseases. During the Good Health youth program students will learn to identify and cook a variety of vegan meals and identify other healthy habits to care for themselves. Taking a school-based and influential wellbeing approach to adolescent health, Good Health builds strategic partnerships and works to prepare youth for a successful future. Contact us to learn how your school or organization can bring Good Health to your community.

Contact Details

(215) 840-0387‬

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